My Beautiful Mayonnaise (English)

Soon available at a newspaper stand near you: My beautiful Mayonnaise. An experimental food folly about food in art, literature, fashion, home and science, by the creators of Zestz (Ronald de Nijs), Ongewild Boek (Natasha Tastachova) and Talkin’ Food (moi). All three huge lovers and large scale consumers of  mayonnaise – but that completely aside.>>>>

The cover; but you already guessed that, didn't you?

The cover; but you already guessed that, didn’t you?

We pray you take the subjects art, literature, fashion, home and science with a pinch of salt.
MBM – as we fondly say – is a food magazine swimming against the tide of trends and fads, short-livedness and hypes, bringing stories and imagery which fit in nowhere and relate to nothing. At times grand and ecstatic, at times a bit irreverent. But always against the grain. Just like a folly – an ornamental building both useless as well as delightful in many an eighteenth-century English garden. Hence: food folly.

MBM will be published in both English and Dutch, and will be sold through a selection of shops, as well as online via the webshop of Talkin’ Food. The price of the full colour magazine will be € 5,00.

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