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© Saskia van Osnabrugge

© Saskia van Osnabrugge

Marjan Ippel is food trend analyst cum food writer cum indie publishing house Talkin’ Food®. She is the author of Foodlingo Bijbel, a culinary dictionary written in Dutch. Together with Ronald de Nijs, she’s editor in chief of the indie food folly My Beautiful mayonnaise, an experimental foodmagazine in both English and Dutch. She is also food editor-at-large for online foodzine FavorFlav.

Marjan Ippel is the initiator of De Underground Boerenmarkt, the first Dutch food market ever for micro producers. She also initiated De Wilde Markt, a market where everything edible is either picked, hunted or fished in the wild.

Marjan Ippel gives lectures and workshops on food and food trends. Always custom made, for either big or small groups, in Dutch as well as in English. Aimed at audiences within the food industry, but also at interested parties outside of the food industry.
She inspires her listeners with examples of tendencies in food and drinks around the world. But always with a focus on the specific realm of interest of her clients. Not one fits all, but in the tradition of haute couture and haute cuisine.

Marjan Ippel is food writer for major Dutch magazines, such as ELLE Eten. Together with Michelin star chef Ron Blaauw, she wrote the bestseller Mijn Amsterdam.
She is also jury member of several elections on food, food innovation and food design. Amongst them: the Horecava Innovation Award and the Entree Hospitality Award.

Marjan Ippel counts among her clients: Marfo, KLM, Allerhande, AH To Go, Bonduelle, La Place, Natudis…
She is also an irregular guest lecturer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.


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